If you are buying or selling real estate in Kentucky, she should be your agent.

Wow I can’t say enough good things about Maggie. If you are buying or selling real estate in Kentucky, she should be your agent. She is highly organized, she listens, she takes care of you and your family’s needs, and she is a great communicator. I have three stories why I will always recommend her … 1. she makes good recommendations. The house we wanted had gone into contract a few times previous to us. The home inspector she recommended found some serious issues with the house that previous home inspectors and saved us from getting into a money pit. 2. She is well prepared, highly organized, and on top of things. As we did our last walk through, with the seller still scrambling to move out, she noticed that the washer/dryer that was supposed to be left with the house was gone. She had a copy of our contract with her and was able to whip it out and show us that we were in a good position. 3. And finally she is an amazing communicator. We always knew where we were in the process. She sent emails, texts, or called when things were critical. To highlight this, we had to compare her to the sellers agent. While Maggie kept us informed and had a trail of her communication with the other agent. So when the seller said they didn’t know things we could show them that Maggie had communicated with us and with their agent in a timely and proper fashion. I can’t recommend anyone more highly then I would Maggie! Oh and the cherry on top, she still checks in on us and let’s us know that if we need anything or have any issues to give her a call. We bought our house in Jan 2018 and in March of 2018 we got a call asking how we like the house and how things are, now that’s service!

— John & Jessica