Let’s face it: unless you’re in a pool or lake, the Summer heat isn’t that enjoyable! Now that most vacations are coming to an end, you’re likely spending more time around the house, which means your A/C is getting a workout. Give it a much-needed break by trying some of these tips:


1. Caulking and weatherstrip

Cracks around windows and door frames are one of your biggest enemies when it comes to staying cool in your home. This is one of the most inexpensive and long-lasting ways to keep the heat out and the cool air in (or vice versa during colder months)!


2. Run appliances at night

Doing the laundry or running your dishwasher can produce a surprising amount of heat! Try to schedule these chores around the same time of day, either before the sun has come up or after it’s gone down.


3. Get your ducts in a row!

Inspect your ductwork to ensure there are no holes or disconnected ducts. Sealing holes is inexpensive and can be done with foil tape or mastic. Keep your cool air where it belongs, in your home—not in your crawlspace or attic!


4. Switch to LED lights

If you haven’t made the switch from incandescent bulbs, do it now! Not only are LED bulbs more energy efficient, but they will make your home cooler. Incandescent bulbs get quite hot and will add unwanted heat to your home.


5. Let’s talk windows!

If your windows are not shaded by trees or awnings, consider applying heat control film–just make sure it doesn’t void a window warranty that you may have! Or, you can always grab black out curtains and make sure your blinds are closed while the sun is trying to beam in.



And of course, if you would rather just purchase a more energy efficient home, contact me today and I can help!